Genre: Christian Contemporary/Rock
Released: 2022
Producer: Arron Daniels
Recorded at: Side Of The Road Studios  

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The first song in this collection is about Gideon chopping down his father's idol. Gideon did not feel like he was anyone of significance, but God used him for a mighty victory. God told people in the Old Testament to make sacrifices on altars. That requirement ended with the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus on the cross.

Similar to how something that is placed on an altar can change its value and become sacred, we have "altared" many popular songs to teach Bible lessons. Many of the songs in this collection are a journey of a searching person. In many cases the person is changed or "altared" in action or thought. This results in a stronger faith. We deal with Thomas and his doubting, Gideon and his fear what others may think, and Adam and Eve facing temptation. Some songs deal with our stuggles with faith and fully relying on God. On your journey, you need to decide if you can be "altared" for God, or not.

 Song TitleParody ofBy
Jud 6:7-16,25-32; Exo 34:12-14; Deu 16:21-22; Jud 3:5-8; Psa 81:8-16; Isa 17:7-8
2Thy Kingdom ComeComfortably NumbPink Floyd
Mat 5:44;6:5-15;7:7-11,21-23;14:22-23;26:39,42; Luk 18:9-14
3Come from Gath HereCome TogetherThe Beatles / Gary Clark Jr.
1 Samuel 17
4God's Dragon, LeviathanStop Draggin' My Heart AroundTom Petty & Stevie Nicks
Job 41; 3:8; Psa 74:13-14; 104:24-26; Isa 27:1
5Doubtin' the HolesDown In A HoleAlice In Chains
John 11:14-16; 14:1-5; 20:19-29
6Super MrsSuperstitionStevie Wonder
Proverbs 31
7Lady and a FellaNeed You NowLady Antebellum
Psa 4:1; 5:1-3,7,11-12; 17:1-9; 30:1-2; 39:4-12; 40:5; 54:1-4; 55:4-8,16-18; 57:9-11; 59:16-17; 61:1-5; 66:20; 69:1-3,13-18,29; Luk 15:11-24,32
8Cruel KidsCool KidsEchoSmith
Psa 109; Gen 8:21; Jer 32:30; Mat 5:7,9-12,38-45
9Dropkick PharaohI'm Shipping Up To BostonDropkick Murphys
Exodus 8-12
10Pokey FaithPoker FaceLady Gaga
Mat 8:26; 14:31; 17:20; 18:3; 21:21; Mar 16:14; Luk 12:28; 22:31-32; Joh 12:42; Rom 3:3; 14:1; 2Co 5:7; 2Ti 4:7; Heb 12:1-12; Jam 2:24
11DoomBoomX Ambassadors
Revelation 4-20
12Leaving InnocenceBring Me Back To LifeEvanescence
Gen 1:26-30;2:7-3:13,20-23; 1Co 11:7-15; 15:45; 1Ti 2:11-14
13AquilaTequilaThe Champs
Acts 18:18
14Dip ItWhip ItDevo
2 Kings 5
15Black BirdsBlackbirdThe Beatles
1 King 17:1-9; Luke 12:24

Parodies Lost

Genre: Christian Contemporary/Rock
Released: 2009
Producer: Arron Daniels
Recorded at: Side Of The Road Studios  

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The title is obviously a twist on John Milton's "Paradise Lost" which is his fictitious interpretation of the Creation. Since this is our first CD, it is something of a genesis for us. Eve was deceived into thinking the forbidden fruit was good, when it was really sin and death. Things are not always what they seem. The songs on this CD are about people who are not what they seem, a grampa who is young in heart, the outcast who becomes an evangelist, a young woman who becomes the mother of the Messiah, intellectuals who are really dumb, and religious hypocrites. We took popular songs of different styles and rewrote the lyrics to teach Bible stories. I hope you enjoy them and don't get lost in the music.
 Song TitleParody ofBy
1Steppin' GrampsBorn To Be WildSteppenwolf
Phi 4:4-9; Lev 19:32
2Samaritan WomanAmerican WomanGuess Who/Lenny Kravitz
John 4:4-43
3MansionImagineJohn Lennon
Revelation 21
4I'm Too SaintlyI'm Too SexyRight Said Fred
Mat 23; Luk 18:9-14; Act 8:1-3;23:6;26:4-5
5Don't Know WhyDon't Know WhyNorah Jones
Luk 2:1-19,34-35,51
6Soggy Prophet BoyMan Of Constant SorrowDan Tyminski & AKUS
Jonah 1-2
7Black Magic MarkerBlack Magic WomanSantana
Rev 22:18-19; Heb 8:10; Deu 8:3
8Crazy?CrazyGnarls Barkley
Joh 10:14-21; 1Co 1:18-29
9Shining My Light TodayDriving My Life AwayEddie Rabbitt
Matthew 5:14-16
10A Grizzly BuffetMargaritavilleJimmy Buffett
2 Kings 2:23-25
11The Hands That BleedThe Hand That FeedsNine Inch Nails
Mat 9:8,36;13:34;14:13-22;15:30-39;21:6-11;27:15-25; Luk 5:15;6:17; Joh 12:9,37
12Resurrection DayIndependence DayMartina McBride
Mat 28; Mar 16; Luk 24; Joh 20
13God is LoveWhat is LoveHaddaway
1 John 4:7-19
14Rocky, Thorns, and ClayRocky Mountain WayJoe Walsh
Matthew 13:3-23
15I Got Two BabesI Got You BabeSonny & Cher
Genesis 25:21-28
16Wholesome Prison NewsFolsom Prison BluesJohnny Cash
Acts 3 & 4

Altared & Parodies Lost

Genre: Christian Contemporary/Rock
Released: 2022 & 2009
Producer: Arron Daniels
Recorded at: Side Of The Road Studios

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