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I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!! You guys did a great job! I kept forgetting it was a parody, it sounds so much like the original songs! My family will love this. Great music, greater message!

- Randi J. (Corpus Christi, TX)

Thanks so much for the CD! Love it! I'm working on picking a favorite. "I'm Too Saintly" cracks me up! But then there's "A Grizzly Buffet" and I was just reading that in the Bible the other day. The vocals are awesome!! I know what everybody's gettin for Christmas!!

- Wanda R. B. (Williamson, GA)

I am impressed with the production values and playing and singing on the new CD. Great job! Nice cover, too. I like the INRI you did with the NIN logo, too.

You know, we've sung the words "black magic marker" to "Black Magic Woman" for years, but I never even considered that it could have a biblical application. Excellent job applying that! I thought using the words "a mansion" to "Imagine" was quite good also.

I think my favorite lyrical moment on the CD is the final section of "I Got Two Babes." Very funny!

- J. Jackson (Pittsburgh, PA)

Hey you guys did a great job! The lyrics are just dynamite. You've got to be somewhere in the top two of all Christian Parody Lyricists I've ever personally had dinner with!

Guitar is great! All the singers are spot on, and the mix is really nice, pleasant and very "listenable." Kirk did a great job. And he should be ashamed of himself for his Right Said Fred imitation being so accurate ;) That's like knowing all the words to any Devo song.

Laia and Stacey did great jobs on some very difficult songs. And Jared is still one of my favorite voices in Christian Music.

Great job, all of you, and after taking a couple breaths, can't wait to hear more!

- Karl M. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Absolutely fantastic! I ordered your CD after only listening to one song on your webpage. I enjoyed the other songs too! The music is diverse, the production is excellent and the message is of course wonderful. Keep up the good work; I look forward to more.

- Bob B. (Gettysburg, PA)

I just listened to the samples online. All I can say is Awesome! Excellent quality work all around. This will be another CD that my kids know the parody songs as originals and the real songs as the parodies.

- Wayne N. (Ft. Hood, TX)